Orion: Dark Horizons

Dev Diary #1: Welcome Backs, an apology, and a plan to move forward
Did you think I forgot about you?

Its been a while hasn’t it? To be honest i’ve been on a long hiatus to figure out where to take the campaign from where we started and where we are now.

To say things played off differently in my head is an understatement.

The fantasy RPG started off as something that’s been in my head for a long time and started off as a way to figure out what to do with a rough fantasy world I’ve been creating. It failed. Not only did I manage to copy popular fantasy worlds, but in a way that was highly noticeable. I don’t like being the Pepsi of fantasy worlds, nor do I have interest in continuing it. I’m sorry for everyone who got invested, but frankly, I was tired of copying Dragon Age and Game of Thrones.

The plan long ago was to have the party’s actions ring out as everyone plays a new group on each of the continents, before culminating in an end of the world scenario. The ground work was set in place where I thought in the beginning, but as you guys went on, I had to make up more things on the spot than I thought, and it turned out I didn’t know the world as much as I thought I did. In an attempt to fix it, I put some super glue on the plot and figured I would just put the tracks down as the train chased behind me.

One of you guys were playing as a future villain, a cool idea I had that I thought would ground the party and see the next major villain as someone to respect, rather than just another voice I did.

Arneyk, Alyn, the Wild Hunt, the King’s Court, and the Invasion of the Sundered Elves were all future plans I honestly have no interest in and couldn’t even tell you how they connected.

I apologize for that.

I love to Roleplay, and even more so Dungeon Mastering you guys. With that, I want to take the next plunge and do something I am much more confident in.

Science Fiction.


I’ve been working on this little science fiction project of mine since the 6th grade. My Aunt who was a publisher really loved my work and encouraged me to continue forward. I’ve been worldbuilding for quite some time on it, and literally have a description from everything from the galaxy at large down to the smallest pen a character would use.

What does this mean to you?

This means that the plot will not be tied down, nor will I make things up besides characters. Everything in the world is on a timeline.

This also means that I will be more consistent, things I find important when treading into someone else’s world.

So what is this new world?

Some of you have played in it, while others have most certainly heard me talk about it. Its called The Orion Universe.

Its a story about Humanity and the species around it that live in the Orion Arm in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Its about strife, terror, salvation, hope, and most importantly, finding yourself.

The time period you guys will be playing in is called the Reconstruction Era, a time where society throughout the Orion Arm is rebuilding and struggling to find themselves.

What about rules?

Rules will stay the same, except that I’m changing things up.

Defense is now shields

and armor is still armor.

The difference is that before, you had to roll about a certain amount to get through a player’s defense. Now, if you roll a number higher than the player’s shield number, you not only attack, but also take away some of his shields. This introduces a more panic inducing gameplay. If your shield goes away, the much higher chance someone has at shooting you.

Armor will of course shave off some of the attack, but what if the enemy is using plasma or direct energy weaponry? If they are, your armor might begin to melt and lose effectiveness.

Weapons have changed drastically too.

Human weapons consist of bullet and Mass Accelerator technology.

The difference is that bullet technology allows customization of bullets. (I.E. armor piercing, poison, cryo, etc.) The trade off is that reloading is a major action, and you only have a limited number of clips.

Mass Accelerator technology works similar to bullets, but instead of firing rounds, mass accelerator guns chip of a sand grain sized piece of metal from a solid block and shoots it at a fraction the speed of light. While this allows a greater firing speed from bullets, MA rounds cannot be customized. They are however, great at bullet piercing. Mass Accelerators are limited by heat. After firing for a certain amount of time, you must cool down your weapon by waiting a major action, or releasing a heat sink clip from your gun. Heat sink clips are limited, so choosing when to use one is a necessary tactic to find out.

Plasma weapons operate off of batteries. Plasma is great against armor and flesh, but weak against shields. Batteries cannot be charged or replaced during battle, so every shot has to count. And should you fire more shots than the gun can take, it has a change of melting or exploding in your very face.

Direct Energy weapons are powerful, but like the plasma weapons, run on a non-rechargeable, non-re loadable battery. Once you run out of shots, the weapon is dead. Direct Energy guns have the ability to shoot through some cover, and have high amounts of ammo, but is very poor against shields, but ignores most armor. Because of its high temperature, it cauterizes the flesh, unlike the plasma weapons, which sets its enemies on fire.

Ship combat will be revealed at a latter date, as I have yet to figure out an accurate rule set for it, but right now the plan is to base it off of FTL the game.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Give me a text if you have any questions, and I’d be happy to respond!

Tune in next week for World explanation, Races, and a summary of the campaign you’re about to embark on!

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